We are excited to offer the following workshops:

Science in the New Millennium: Jobs of the 21st Century

There are many good paying jobs available that require a strong science background. People think that science is too difficult when, in reality, the concepts are understandable when applied to topics that are of interest. In this session we will talk about jobs in science and how/where to get the proper education/training. Many of these jobs are familiar to you (doctor, nurse, chemist, engineer), but there are jobs in robotics, computer game design, nutrition and drug counseling, automotive design and other fields that require a science background. We will discuss what these jobs pay, how to get the appropriate training and other questions you may have.

Imagine the Possibilities: A Step by Step Guide to the California Community College System

  • Shakerra Carter, Tania Delgado, Valeria Ramirez: San Diego Community College District

This workshop will provide information on the process for enrolling in a community college including information on admissions, financial aid, orientation, and assessment. Come learn about the various degree programs available at your local community college and how to save money while getting a quality education.

Teaching Youth Principals of Non-Violence & Peace-Making

Ples will demonstrate, in simple terms, how to comprehend and apply principles of non-violence, with a focus on prevention in everyday life.

  • Skills and resources for managing conflict and becoming Peacemakers
  • Promotes understanding and repairing harm
  • Encourages building positive, supportive relationships
  • Teaches kindness and conflict resolution as well as forgiveness

Be Smart About Your Money – We Can Help

  • Representatives from the United States Bankruptcy Court

Now is the time to learn about finances, how to manage your money, and how to “just say no” to the short-term temptations to buy and do things you don’t need or can’t afford that often come with the use of a credit card. Now is the time to learn the lessons that will hopefully stay with you throughout your life. What you learn now may prevent you from being a victim of easy credit and living beyond your means, and help you to live a comfortable and debt-free” life.

How to Seal Your Records

  • Clara Chen: District Attorney’s Office

Workshops will be presented in conjunction with the Public Defender’s Office and Probation. We will be discussing the logistics behind sealing a minors’ juvenile records, and will help explain the real-life consequences of your case. Learn answers to important questions like these:

  • Will my court case interfere with my getting a job?
  • Driving?
  • Getting financial aid for college?
  • Voting?
  • Can I get my record sealed?
  • Get Your Questions Answered so You can get on with your LIFE!
  • Stop “Googling” – Ask the Experts

Why You Should Care About Your Digital Life…..Because You NEVER Know Who’s Looking

Jon Moffat has been educating people of all ages about Internet safety for the past 11 years and has presented to over 111,000 youth/parents/youth service providers in San Diego County and beyond. He is excited to be invited to speak about the latest challenges we face in the digital world, and what we can do to protect ourselves in the future. This workshop will:

  • Show you the challenges you face protecting your reputation in the digital world.
  • Give real-life examples of how powerful Social Networks really are, and what you can do to protect yourself in the ever changing digital landscape.
  • Have fun while we learn something…I hope to see you there

What is Your Passion and What is Your Purpose?

This workshop will assist young adults ages 14-21 in exploring and discovering their purpose and passion in life. These students will complete various exercises and activities to help them search with in themselves on how to discover their purpose and passion in life.

Life After High School-Why Going to College is Important

  • Linda Doughty and Connie TaborCal-SOAP

What are my options after I graduate after high school? This workshop is intended to have a discussion about what you will need to do to prepare yourself for college and career so that you can prepare yourself for the next chapter in your life.

Gangs, the Untold Stories: Emotional Literacy Skills, Project Aware Style

A chance to hear young teenagers whom have been involved in gangs and from former gang members who have served life sentences. We will talk about the different ways kids are being documented as gang members. They will get a chance to life in prison. We will be able to show the importance of having emotional literacy skills. This program will be ran by teenagers who are finding their way out of the gang life.

The “I Am” Statement

  • Dennis Martinez, Former World & US Skateboard Champion

Thoughts are things. What we focus on, we become; what we resist persists. This is a universal law just like the law of gravity: what goes up must come down. Thoughts=Identity=Action=Consequences 
· “I Am” defines who you are 
· “Who are you?”

You Ready for the Real World or Not?

What? Now I have to buy my own socks? Turning 18 doesn’t make you an automatic adult. Being an “adult” means you are emotionally, physically and financially equipped to face the day, every day. If you are not ready, what are you doing to get ready? Join us for an informational session filled with hard facts, resources and life lessons about being “grown up”.

Preparing for Interviews

When it comes to interviews, preparation is the key to success. In this workshop participants will learn how to prepare for an interview—including research beforehand, how to dress to impress, and feeling confident answering difficult interview questions.