We are excited to offer the following workshops:

College – The Great Equalizer

  • Jimmy Cha, Law Office of Jimmy Cha

College is the great equalizer of all people regardless of socio economic status, gender, or ethnic background.

We will go in depth about how to enroll in community college. What financial aid is available to you, i.e. FAFSA, EOPS, BOGG. What all this means, and why you should take advantage of it. What classes to take, as well as what path to follow, i.e. IGETC. Transfer rates, and statistics will be covered.

Come listen, and learn everything you need to know about bettering your future with the great equalizer, your college education.

The speaker is not just going to lecture. Rather he’s going to guide you through his own personal experience through all this.

Gangs, the Untold Stories: Emotional Literacy Skills, Project Aware Style

  • Reginald Washington, Project AWARE Enterprises Inc.

A chance to hear young teenagers whom have been involved in gangs and from former gang members who have served life sentences. We will talk about the different ways kids are being documented as gang members. They will get a chance to life in prison. We will be able to show the importance of having emotional literacy skills. This program will be ran by teenagers who are finding their way out of the gang life.

The “I Am” Statement

  • Dennis Martinez, Former World & US Skateboard Champion

Thoughts are things. What we focus on, we become; what we resist persists. This is a universal law just like the law of gravity: what goes up must come down. Thoughts=Identity=Action=Consequences 
· “I Am” defines who you are 
· “Who are you?”

Science in the New Millennium: Jobs of the 21st Century

  • Stuart Matz, San Diego City College Department of Biology

Science is often seen as being difficult, detailed and not very interesting. In this workshop, we will explore different fields of science and job opportunities that exist both at the entry level and those requiring college degrees. We will discuss jobs in the field of biology (addiction specialist and nutrition counselors), chemistry (pharmacology and drug synthesis), engineering (music soundboard mixing, automotive engineering) and computer science (robotics, web and video game design). There will be time to discuss topics that are of interest to you and how to develop an education plan explore these fields of science.

City Scholars Student Panel

Meet and hear from students about their experiences starting and persisting in college. This workshop will consist of students sharing what they wish they had known when they first enrolled, opportunities and services that have assisted them in continuing, and how engaging in the school community supports success.

Overcoming Barriers & Sealing Your Record

  • Lindsey Willard, Deputy Public Defender

This workshop will help explain the real-life consequences of your case.
Learn answers to important questions like these: Will my court case interfere with my getting a job? Driving?
Getting financial aid for college? Voting? Can I get my record sealed?
· Get Your Questions Answered so You can get on with your LIFE!
· Stop “Googling” – Ask the Experts

What is your Purpose – What is your Passion

  • Rosemarie Robinson, Counselor, M. S., San Diego City College

This workshop will assist young adults ages 14-21 in exploring and discovering their purpose and passion in life. These students will complete various exercises and activities to help them search with in themselves on how to discover their purpose and passion in their life.

How Can I Protect Myself and My Friends Digital Footprint?

  • Jon Moffat, Cyber Education Consulting

In this workshop we will show you methods on how you can be found and ways to make your digital footprint as positive as possible. If you have any stupid friends (we all do) I encourage you to come because who we associate with online can directly affect your real life. Come to learn how to balance your digital life and your real life.

You Ready for the Real World or Not?

  • Robin Graham, EXCEL Program Director, South Bay Community Services

What? Now I have to buy my own socks? Turning 18 doesn’t make you an automatic adult. Being an “adult” means you are emotionally, physically and financially equipped to face the day, every day. If you are not ready, what are you doing to get ready? Join us for an informational session filled with hard facts, resources and life lessons about being “grown up”.

Preparing for Job Interviews

  • CONNECT2Careers Training Specialists

A strong interview can mean the difference between “you’re hired” and “don’t call us; we’ll call you.” At this workshop, participants will learn strategies for interview success and engage in practice interviews with their peers. CONNECT2Careers provides meaningful work experience opportunities for young adults through work readiness workshops, job fairs, hiring fairs, job postings, a peer job coach, resume templates and practice interview questions. Stop by the CONNECT2Careers booth at the exhibitor fair to sign up!

CARE – Be Smart About Money: We Can Help

  • Montine Jannette Nyhan, Esq., Attorney at Law
  • Joe Villasenor, Legal Aid Society of San Diego, Inc.

Being smart about money is essential to succeeding in life. What you need to know to avoid costly financial mistakes can be easily learned. And if you already have some money problems, there are solutions available to get you back on track. The CARE program gives you the tools to put your financial house in order. 

Teaching Youth Principles of Non-Violence & Peace-Making

  • Azim Khamisa, Tariq Khamisa Foundation

Learn how to comprehend and apply principles of non-violence, with a focus on prevention. Learn how one family impacted by violent crime was able to forgive another family. Azim & Ples have led presentations through TKF since 1996 to connect and move the young hearts, in a direction towards peace and away from violence and gangs.

Financial Aid: Free Cash for College

  • Shakerra Carter, SDCCD Associate Dean , Outreach and Pre-Enrollment Services

This workshop will include information about the cost of attending college and resources available to pay for college including financial aid and scholarships.

Beyond High School

  • Linda Doughty, Director Cal-SOAP

A workshop to help students understand career and college options after high school.